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The Martin Family Christmas Lights – A 30 Year Tradition Coming To An End

For those that may not be aware, Richard and Lynda Martin have been part of a family tradition that goes back nearly 30 years. It all started with the grandchildren and their excitement over Christmas lights. This excitement was just the start of something much grander to grow from that first spark almost 30 years ago. What began as just a small display of lights ballooned into what now takes 2 months to set up each and every year. The reason for doing all this? The children! Local children from all around the region come to see the lights in awe struck wonderment.

“We especially love the looks on the children's faces when they walk through and hearing the excitement in their voices as they walk around and point out their favourite displays” said Richard when asked about why they do this huge job every year. How does all this work get done? “My mom and the girls usually set up the mini Christmas Village and all the kids and grandkids have helped out in one way or another over the years. A couple of his brothers and his nephew help out as well. We also have had the same Special Santa each year!" explained Tamara.

It is a grand sight to see for sure, but the real excitement comes on 'Gingerbread Night' when the whole family comes out to dress up and help out. Asked why that night is extra special for them, Richard stated “It's the night when we get to visit with members of our community and the families. Seeing the young adults, who came as children, now bringing their kids out to see the display is really wonderful!”.

When asked why the Martin family were stepping away after all this time Richard explains “It's a great deal of work and takes 2 months to complete the set up… It's time for someone else to take a shot at it”. “What started as something for the grandchildren has been around long enough for even their grat-grandchildren to be a part of it. “Now they have great-grandchildren who think the display is the best part of Christmas! My grandson actually used pictures of the light display as his 'Show & Tell' at school this year!” exclaimed Tamara.

And what parting words do the Martins have for everybody? “We would just like to thank our friends, family, and community members for coming out every year to enjoy the lights. We will still have some lights out next year, just not in the capacity they are now. Everyone is welcome to come out anytime and we hope to see you all this year!”



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